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Is your shop running as efficiently as possible? Are you getting the highest net profit possible? If you didn’t answer yes to both questions or you are unsure, chances are your shop is not the market leader it should be!  After 30 years in the collision repair industry, Rome Technologies has become the expert at turning shop’s weaknesses into strengths.

Based on data collected over thousands of shops and three decades, we’ve developed a very simple grading system.

Are you an A shop or a D shop?
D Shops have:
  • folders everywhere
  • single-digit net profits
  • double entry – estimates into the DMS
  • 30% supplement after tear down
  • a whopping 9-10 day cycle time at $2,500 severity

In this kind of shop achieving higher net profits can be a struggle. Especially if there is no way to measure and manage.  That’s where Rome comes in.  Our expert-guided action plan can eliminate all of these issues AND MORE to grow your collision center into an A Shop!

A Shops have:
  • A 20% net on total sales
  • A 5 day cycle time at $2,500 severity
  • 3% supplement after tear down
  • All information centralized and paperless
  • Training and educating continuously for their staff on technology and best practices

Whether you are an independent shop or a dealership collision center we are here to help!  Rome Technologies is the only company in the industry to provide state of the art technology paired with expert and results-driven consulting to make you a market leader! Find out more, give us a call! 1-800-373-ROME or E-mail James today!


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Rome Technologies has been the leading expert in the Collision Repair Industry for over 30 years. During this time we have gained critical insight and key knowledge on running the best possible collision center. From best practices, running departments properly, and utilizing technology, we have given thousands of shops a higher quality of life and net profits. Expert Collision Centers use Experts at Rome Technologies.

Rome Technologies, located in Pasadena Maryland, is a family-owned company. Rome’s focus is to serve the industry with leading knowledge that is not only informative but useful to everyone in the industry. Here we’ll provide you with tips on running the most profitable collision center, trending issues in the industry and how technology can help elevate common problems in collision centers, big or small! To help you see better results in your shop. 

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