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Are you getting the results that you deserve? When was the last time you had a huge net increase?
Is your cycle time keeping your customers happy? Are you stalling in production less than 10% of the time? Most body shops in America answered “No” to all of these questions. However, body shops that use Rome’s Collision Management Software and Consulting Services are able to confidently say “YES!”

Through Rome’s Collisions Consulting Services, shops are able to see a 20% net on total sales utilizing daily monitoring, bimonthly reviews, and 20 Groups. This helps them increase their performance and doing so allows them to own their marketplace, which will bring the continuous work they deserve.

Take for example Alex Soper of Art Mohen in Jackson Michigan; “We were a good shop, surrounded by other good shops… but we wanted to be the best shop. They [Rome] have created a software program and a technical support team that exceeds all expectations. Rome is the only product/software that I use where they call me to see how it’s working, what can be done to improve it and regularly provide recommendations outside of the software to increase production and ultimately your gross profit.” Rome consulted Art Mohen with instruction on proper staffing, technology, and implementation of best practices on every job. Doing so eliminated mistakes that were causing stalls in production and unnecessarily increasing cycle time. This has made Art Mohen a market leader and in turn, has increased sales and of course net profits.

Alex stated that “Most companies will sell you their product and mark it as another sale” with Rome you’re in an engaged relationship to be a better operator and you start seeing the results promised to you. This is just one of the many happy customers Rome has helped grow.

Start growing your shop today with Rome’s Free Business Review Service. This review will benchmark and identify key points of constraint, which Rome uses to build a custom business model to standardize your operations. This gives your shop the tools to be the most efficient, profitable and productive shop it can be.  

Schedule a business review with James today.

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Rome Technologies has been the leading expert in the Collision Repair Industry for over 30 years. During this time we have gained critical insight and key knowledge on running the best possible collision center. From best practices, running departments properly, and utilizing technology, we have given thousands of shops a higher quality of life and net profits. Expert Collision Centers use Experts at Rome Technologies.

Rome Technologies, located in Pasadena Maryland, is a family-owned company. Rome’s focus is to serve the industry with leading knowledge that is not only informative but useful to everyone in the industry. Here we’ll provide you with tips on running the most profitable collision center, trending issues in the industry and how technology can help elevate common problems in collision centers, big or small! To help you see better results in your shop. 

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