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The most important department in any body shop is the parts department. Missing, damaged, or wrong parts can cause significant bottlenecking in production that ultimately affects cycle-time, customer service, and profitability. With Rome, parts are ordered correctly, quickly, and in the right priority.


Rome Production Management allows you to see every aspect of your shop load and performance on a single screen, providing up-to-the-minute status of live operations. These status updates can be sorted and viewed by department, tech, writer or insurer.


Rome’s Big Board gives you a bird’s eye view of production on a single screen and provides a live inventory of all of the vehicles in your shop. Cars that are behind schedule are easily identified so you can take the proper action to correct the problem and maintain cycle time. The Big Board can be viewed on wireless devices and large screen displays for use in the front office and on the shop floor.


Tech stations are a must for maximizing your shop’s efficiency. Mobile tech stations enable technicians to quickly and easily mark their tasks complete as the vehicle moves through production. Meanwhile, the front office can see the live status of the repair without ever leaving their seat. Including your technicians in the repair tracking process promotes a continuous flow of information and fosters a team environment, resulting in maximized performance.


More and more, customers are seeking positive customer experiences, so customer service should be a top priority in every shop. In today’s highly connected world, customers can write about their experiences with your shop – both good and bad, which can affect your flow of new business over time. By providing excellent customer service and communication, customers are more likely to favor your shop for repeat business and referrals. Rome makes it easy to streamline your customer service by integrating with programs such as: · ARMs · AutoChex · CSi Complete · Cyncast · FIX AUTO · UpdatePromise · VisionPLUS


Accessible Anywhere Our state-of-the-art cloud computing environment allows our users to run Rome Management anywhere with just an internet connection. Simple and Cost Effective Cloud computing eliminates the hassle of expensive hardware and services that require costly maintenance because we have made the investment for you. Cloud computing is a cost effective, scalable solution with the ability to adapt as technology changes — saving your business thousands of dollars. Maximum performance, reliability and security Our state-of-the-art data center boasts dual redundant electric utility power feeds, massive battery backups and auto-cutover generator to ensure complete power redundancy, granting you access to your data 24/7 from anywhere. Additionally, our data center provides redundant internet connectivity to multiple carriers to ensure we never lose connection. Our servers are protected by an extensive firewall and anti-virus solution with automatic daily data backup.


Going paperless is a valuable component for high performance front office management. With Rome’s Electronic File Jacket, saves time spent searching through mountains of paper for authorizations or invoices. It provides efficient long-term storage of repair order documentation without leaving your chair! You can access photos, invoices, and authorizations instantly, as they are always in the repair order to view, print, fax, or email. Going paperless not only saves time and money, but it also reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to make copies.


In order to become truly efficient and communicative, it is crucial to incorporate wireless technology in your daily operations. All of your shop’s information is available to you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, allowing you to operate your business from the shop floor, at home, or from out of town.


Whether you are a dealer or an independent shop, all financial information in Rome flows to your accounting software, keeping your books balanced without redundant entry. Rome also creates a full spectrum of accounting reports with just the click of a button. Dealership Rome integrates with all of the major Dealer Management Systems including: - ADP - Reynolds & Reynolds - DealerTrack/Arkona - UCS - ACS Independent: Rome's advanced QuickBooks integration with centralized accounting and multi-shop reporting ensures accuracy of numbers and fraud prevention.

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