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Building Bridges
All Roads Lead To Rome

Rome’s training is more than just a class on what buttons to click in our software. Our training program is based on a hands-on, real-world process model that defines the responsibility, authority, and accountability of each member of the administrative team.

Our trainers give you the tools to manage and measure each department in your shop to achieve the highest levels of labor efficiency, customer satisfaction, production per square foot, and profits.

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From Start To Finish...

We provide 6-9 days of hands-on, on-site training (depending on the size of the shop) for each of our new software installations. All of the vehicles in your shop are migrated into Rome over a weekend and your WIP is balanced to the penny.

On Monday morning, you are working on live tickets in your shop while our expert trainers help you optimize your manpower and resources to deliver the highest level of customer service, sustainable profit per square foot, and quality of life. At the end of the training, you’ll be operating on your own with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve the shortest cycle-times and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Rome’s factory-based business model is implemented in all aspects of daily operations including:

·         Job scheduling

·         Blueprinting

·         Parts management

·         Dispatching

·         Production management

·         Customer service

·         Marketing

·         Document Management

·         Accounting
World-Class Technical Supports

For any questions you have after your one-on-one training, our courteous and professional technical support staff are available to assist you by phone, email, or through remote desktop sessions.

Our toll-free phone service is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday with emergency service available after hours and on weekends.

We realize your time is valuable, so it is our goal to answer your call in three rings or less and address the problem as quickly as possible.When more challenging problems develop, our product manager and programmers are available to provide the highest level of product knowledge to find a resolution so you can get back to the job at hand.
Training Tune-Ups

If you have a new employee, want a refresher or want to review how to use Rome to its fullest potential, Rome has several options to serve your needs. We can conduct a conference call webinar, where we review the software and answer any questions.

Or, if you need in-person, hands-on training, one of our expert trainers will come to your shop and work with you live in your shop.

On-site training is recommended for new body shop managers or for shops that have updated from a very old version of Rome to the latest release.
Annual Conclave

Each year, Rome hosts an annual development conclave to introduce the latest new features added to the program and gather feedback on our users’ needs.

This one-day meeting is chock-full of seminars, focus groups, and a networking lunch.It’s a great opportunity to network and meet other users from similarly sized collision centers around the country and to learn more about how to run the most successful body shop.
Principles & Managers Unite

Each 20 Group is comprised of principals and managers from non-competing businesses who are willing to discuss each other’s operations in detail.

Additionally, members receive customized financial composites and other analytical tools to compare their operation with group and manufacturer specific benchmarks. 

Analyzing your operation and identifying new ways to maximize profits is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.
Regional Training Seminars

For those users that are unable to attend our Annual Conclave, we encourage you to attend one of our Regional Training Seminars. 

Like the Annual Conclave, users will learn about new features and have the opportunity to make product suggestions. 

From The Comfort of Your Shop

Several times a year, Rome hosts informative webinars covering relevant topics that are important to our users. These webinars are free to attend and are recorded for those who are unable to attend or would like to re-watch at a later date.
Online Tutorials & Manuals 

Up to date tutorials and manuals are available for download on our member website at any time.
We're offering a customized Roadmap To Success. You will increase net profits by 8-12%, with an increase in performance by 50%. We guarantee it, while you're protected by our Moneyback Guarantee*.



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