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All the Right Features

For your Collision Repair  Software

Big Board

A major feature of Rome’s collision repair software is the “Big Board” that gives you a bird’s eye view of production on a single screen and provides a live inventory of all of the vehicles in your shop. Cars that are behind schedule are easily identified so you can take the proper action to correct the problem and maintain cycle time. 

Tech Stations

Mobile tech stations enable technicians to quickly and easily mark their tasks complete as the vehicle moves through production. Meanwhile, the front office can see the live status of the repair without ever leaving their seat. 


Rome Production Management allows you to see every aspect of your shop load and performance on a single screen, providing up-to-the-minute status of live operations. These status updates can be sorted and viewed by department, tech, writer or insurer.


The most important department in any body shop is the parts department. Missing, damaged, or wrong parts can cause significant bottlenecking in production that ultimately affects cycle-time, customer service, and profitability. With Rome, parts are ordered correctly, quickly, and in the right priority.


In order to become truly efficient and communicative, it is crucial to incorporate wireless technology in your daily operations. All of your shop’s information is available to you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, allowing you to operate your business from the shop floor, at home, or from out of town.

Cloud Computing

Our state-of-the-art data center allows you access to your data 24/7 from anywhere. Our cloud-based servers are secure and reliable, offering you peace of mind and saving your business thousands of dollars.

Click here to learn more details about our cloud computing.


Customer Service

Rome makes it easy to streamline your customer service by integrating our collision repair software with all major management systems. By providing excellent customer service and communication, customers are more likely to favor your shop for repeat business and referrals.


Your financial information flows seamlessly to your accounting software, keeping your books balanced without redundant entry. We integrate with all of the major dealer management systems. Rome’s advanced QuickBooks integration with centralized accounting and multi-shop reporting ensures accuracy of numbers and fraud prevention.


With our Electronic File Jacket, our customers save time spent searching through mountains of paper for authorizations or invoices. You can access photos, invoices, and authorizations instantly, as they are always in the repair order to view, print, fax, or email. 

Connected on the Go.

Mobile Apps for our Collision Repair Software

Rome Easy Walkaround V

Allows users to view and modify repair orders in-shop. Change information such as changing stoplights, date due and adding notes.

Rome Easy Technician V

Allows Rome Management Technicians to login to their currently assigned jobs in order to flag and complete orders.

Rome Easy Image V

Allows you to quickly and easily upload images to your repair orders that exist within the Rome Management system.

Rome Easy Check-In V

Allows users to create new or view existing repair orders. User can scan VIN’s when creating a new repair order.

Rome V-Applications are Available on your Mobile Devices

Supported Mobile Hardware

iPad and iPhone

  • Easy Walk Around
  • Easy Technician
  • Easy Image
  • Easy Checkin

Windows Tablet

  • Easy Walk Around
  • Easy Technician
  • Easy Image
  • Easy Checkin

Android Tablet & Phone

  • Easy Technician
  • Easy Image