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2021 new features

With our announcement of Rome’s newest release, SLX -X, we wanted to give you a better idea about the concepts behind some of the new features we will be rolling out in 2021. 

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Pre and Post Scans have become an industry-standard over the last few years. Having this capability is a must for today’s collision centers.

Our integrated system eliminates 80% of sublet scans so your shop can keep the money. We’ve also set the integration to automatically write scan transactions into the repair order and send scan reports and invoices into the electronic file jacket. Automatic text alerts will inform you if a car missed receiving a scan. The best part is there are free scans until the scanner is free!*


The day clock is a new feature to allow users to punch in/out of the shop for time and attendance. Regardless of your role at the shop, the clock allows for accurate time tracking for every employee. Our customers were tired of having their employees use a separate time clock system to track time and attendance, which forced payroll to run in two different systems. The setup is simple and easy to use, and with a few steps, you can have set up to use this system immediately for your shop!


We’ve brought all your Parts Management together in one screen, reducing the time it takes to run parts at your body shop! The parts screen has three new colors, so your team doesn’t have to go through additional multiple screens to find reports to tell you if you have cores or parts to return and credits to receive.

Some Parts Ordered (Yellow status) was renamed to Supplement Order. You often see a yellow RO on your list; parts were added or changed on a supplement and need review.

You will also notice a Print Button at the bottom left of your Parts screen. By clicking print, you will open ALL the Part reports available to run as a parts team. The addition of this button reduces time and inefficiencies in the past.


A whole new look to Rome SLX for managers to review their shops’ performance a- a-glance. A user-defined dashboard that allows you to run over 300 different widgets. The dashboard utilizes pie and bar charts viewing the performance of your shop. A simple guidance system will enable you to click on any report and go directly to the part of ROME the widget is gathering information.


Sarah Hill, MS MBA
Director of Consulting and Education


Rome Technologies is dedicated to meet the needs of every collision center. Suggestions and requests from our customers are the significant aspects of how we update ROME. We value your opinion and will continue to implement customer recommendations to develop the program further, making it more robust than ever!


Pre/Post Scan, Day Clock, and Parts Management are available TODAY! Contact sales@rometech.com to discuss your options.

*minimum of 100 paid car scans a month or one month, whichever comes first

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