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4 New Features for Rome Software - Rome
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We are excited to announce the release of 4 new features for our software this Fall. We are confident that these updates will improve the user experience and help you manage your shop with ease. 

Our goal is to connect your front office with your shop floor, improve your overall cycle time, and increase your profits. 

4 New Features for Rome Software


1. The Atlas Multi-Shop  

This feature provides a customizable dashboard to cover the entire Multi-Shop Operation. Take a glance at all of your shops at once from the dashboard.

2. The Easy Blueprint/QC App 

This app will allow your techs to update the blueprint designation from the app, as well as capture all signatures from the team members involved in the repair to ensure estimate quality. The QC sheets will post directly to the file jacket. 

3. File Jacket Required Folder 

This feature ensures your documentation before you can close a repair order. This makes custom folders a required field in the file jacket. As an example, all pre and post-scan documentation must be in the file jacket before closing a ticket.

4. Review Guide 

Finally, our Review Guide serves as your dynamic RO review assistant, ensuring account data integrity. It also offers a visual guide for what needs correction. 



Interested in learning more about how Rome can improve your shop’s cycle time management?

Contact James Rome today at 800-373-7663, or james@rometech.com


Rome is dedicated to meeting the needs of every collision center. Suggestions and requests from our customers play a significant role in how we update the ROME product. We value your opinion and will continue to implement customer recommendations to develop the program further, making it more robust than ever!

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