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Since 1988, ROME has been offering state-of-the-art technology to collision centers to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The Rome team specializes in consulting, production management, and education of best practices to help operators reach their potential.


Rome was founded by Scott Rome in 1988 with a passion to streamline business operations and help empower body shops. After 30 years of tenure and a successful venture acquiring thousands of satisfied customers, ROME is now a generational company, with Scott retiring in October of 2021.

Successor and son, James Rome has taken the lead role as the new President. ROME’s commitment to the collision repair industry is evident in the ongoing product development, education, and outstanding customer service provided to its clients. ROME recognizes that “delivering what you sell and standing behind it is the keystone to good business.”

Today, James as the successor has the vision to carry out this legacy. This legacy is defined by development, education, and support paired with a passion for always putting the client first.


By observing the daily operation of thousands of body shops for nearly three decades, Rome has learned that every job is custom. This creates the most common set of problems in shops:

  • Daily stalls in production
  • Clients calling for information
  • Low gross or net profits
  • Over-due receivables
  • High-stress levels
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James Rome

“ROME applies a scalable, reproducible model that supports workflow, time management, and accountability. The framework is laid out for you to become a market leader.”

– James Rome, President


Sales Increased by 40%

In the three years that we have been using Rome in my body shop, our sales have increased by 40%. I attribute our increase in profits directly to the fact that the Rome Management Solution puts us in total control of every number, every detail, every car, every time.

Joe F.

The Value of Collaboration

During 20-Group sessions we are able to create benchmarks for our writers, repair techs, and managers. We need to understand how other shops are creating success within certain departments. Being able to discuss issues helps us reduce costs and increase profits.

B. Stone

Best Management System

The Rome Solution is the best collision center management system I’ve ever used. To run today’s performance shop, you need to measure in order to manage, and the Rome Solution measures everything in real-time! If you want real results, there is no other choice!

Rob O.

The Rome Team

Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way in growing your business and discovering Rome.


James Rome


Glenn Childress

Director of Training



Sarah Hill

Director of Operations



John Quinn

Senior Product Manager



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