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Reviewing a Repair Order - Rome
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Weekly Wisdom 

Reviewing a Repair Order


“I can’t review my ticket?” is the most common issue our support team faces from our customers.

There could be several reasons for this. A great resource is our Guide to Reviewing and Balancing Tickets. The guide goes through a step-by-step process to make sure that each of your repair orders has completed the appropriate steps to be Dated Out and sent to your DMS. Visit our Management Knowledge Base and click on “How to Review and Balance a Ticket”.

Some quick things to look at are in your parts and sublet areas. Parts and core charges must show returned, and the credit memo printed. Please see your parts department if you see items in Deleted With Cost that are not marked Returned (grey).

Sublet items must be costed out with an invoice, vendor, date, and cost added to the line. Hit “change” on the selected line and fill in the information from your vendor invoice. If you sublet out service items to your service department, make sure they are costed out as the profit is going to the service department and not the body shop.

As always, our experts are available by phone or email to assist you with any questions. Check out our new knowledge database “Socrates”, that holds all our guides available at no cost to you.


Sarah Hill, MS MBA
Director of Consulting and Education

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