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Migrate to the Cloud Based V-Series Apps

Disclaimer: You must switch to the new V-Apps by October, 21st 2019. After then, the old apps will cease to function.

Got V-Apps? Migrate to the Cloud! V-Series Apps are Very Fast, Very Safe, Very Reliable.



“Do I have to be on the New Cloud to switch to the V-Series Apps?”

  • Yes. In order to upgrade to the new V-Series Apps you must first migrate to the New Cloud.

“How do I migrate to the New Cloud?”

“How do I know what version I’m on?”

  • If your app name ends with V then you’re already using the new VSeries. If not, then you’re still on the old version and need to upgrade.

Example: New V-Series App VS Old App.

“How do I switch to the new version?”

  • Once migrated to the New Cloud, uninstall the old apps and install new V-Series apps from the app store.

“How is the new version different?”

  • It’s faster and more secure.

“Why can’t I keep using my existing/old version?”

  • As our company grows, we need to make upgrades to ensure our products continue to function at their best with the latest technology. Our V-Series apps allows us continued support on the most modern devices and platforms.

“What does this change mean for me?”

  • Our new app contains all the existing features with the added benefits of it being faster and more secure.

“When is the last day of support?”

  • October 21st, 2019. After then, the old apps will no longer function.

“Once I switch, is there any additional action I need to take?”

  • After migrating to the New Cloud, install the V-Series apps and you’re good to go! Our ongoing education and support team is always available if you need any assistance.

Benefits of Rome’s Cloud Based Technology

Run Your Shop from Anywhere

Accessible anywhere, our state-of-the-art cloud computing environment allows our users to run Rome Management anywhere with just an internet connection.

Save Your Business Thousands

Simple and cost effective cloud computing eliminates the hassle of expensive hardware and services that require costly maintenance because we have made the investment for you. Cloud computing is an effective, scalable solution with the ability to adapt as technology changes — saving your business thousands of dollars.

Access to Your Data 24/7

Our system assures maximum performance, reliability and security. Our state-of-the-art data center boasts dual redundant electric utility power feeds, massive battery backups and an auto-cutover generator to ensure complete power redundancy, granting you access to your data 24/7 from anywhere.

We take Security Seriously

Our data center provides redundant internet connectivity to multiple carriers to ensure we never lose connection. Our servers are protected by an extensive firewall and anti-virus solution with automatic daily data backup.


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