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The Next Generation of Collision Center Management


Rome SLX-X

Rome Technologies is excited to announce the launch of our new SLX-X this Fall. The SLX-X has powerful new features that will add tremendous value to our collision center management software. 

We Develop Your Ideas into New Features

A cornerstone of our product development at Rome is listening to our users. Thanks to our customers ideas and feedback we are 5 years ahead of our competition on features in technology. Practically every new feature we develop began as an idea from a customer. Our new feature committee reviews every request and determines its importance in advancing our software.  This keeps us separate from the competitors in our market. 

SLX-X Features Solve Your Problems

Feature #1 – Two-Way FULLY INTEGRATED Email and Texting 

Problem: Having to use separate communication systems to track both texting and emailing dialogue between you and your customers, your insurance partners, and your vendors. Not only is the data spread over several communication trunks but is virtually impossible to consolidate without a great deal of additional effort

You spoke and we listened! Emails and texts sent directly from within the Rome repair orders now automatically retrieve the thread back to the repair order they originated from without cutting and pasting into notes. That means any and all responses post directly into the repair order they originated from!  This dramatically reduces double entry to maintain complete log of all communications associated with any repair order. Now when you’re looking for any history of communications it is a SNAP! 

Feature #2 – ONE-STEP FULLY INTEGRATED Credit Card Processing

Problem: Using 2 different systems for one receipt! Extra time, an extra step, and double-entry, while also adding the human factor for potential errors both in DMS accounting and Rome Daily Receipts Report. Eliminating these challenges guarantee greater accuracy and efficiency.

You spoke and we listened! Rome now has fully integrated ONE-STEP credit card processing!  

Feature #3 – Rome Now Includes AUTOMATIC Mission-Critical Parts

Problem: You are required to manually identify which parts are mission-critical, time-consuming, and often overlooked valuable feature. By not using critical parts designation, you greatly reduce the efficiency of big board dispatching. 

You spoke and we listened! ROME’s BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE automatically identifies mission-critical parts! This guarantees a dramatic increase in efficiency in Big Board Dispatching! 

National Webinar Training on SLX-X

Join us on October 15th at 2:00 pm Eastern time for our National Webinar to learn the details of the new SLX-X, and all of the exciting new features it has.

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