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Weekly Wisdom 

January 20, 2020

KPI Report Update

Rome Technologies latest release of SLX V includes several updates to our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Report allowing customers to include or exclude Internal and Warranty vehicles.  Body Shops will now have better insight on their cycle times that affect their insurance company relationships.  At Rome Technologies, we strive to give the best information and analytics to our customers.  The feedback of the top body shops in America separates us from our competitors.  We listen and implement updates as the industry changes.

Never run a KPI report before?  We have created a document on how to run your own cycle-time report based off our methodology breaking down your cycle-time into three parts.  Staging shows your cycle time to get the car in shop based off our methodology of getting a full blueprint of the vehicle within 1 to 3 hours of it being on the property, insurance approval and parts acquisition.  Production time is from the start of body work through the QC process.  Delivery time from the time you complete the car in production to the time the customer picks up the vehicle.  To get access to our members only area of our website, please contact your Advocate, Becca or Colleen to get your shops login credentials.

Are your cycle-time numbers not where they need to be? Industry Standards call for an average $2,500 repair to be completed in 5 business days with 4 units per day.  Our Business Services team is here to help improve your net profit by providing consulting services based on body shop best practices.  Has it been a while since you had your last review? Would you like training to run your KPE Report?  Please reach out to your Advocate to schedule a shop review or you can pick a time by going to https://go.oncehub.com/rometechnologies.

To check if you are on the latest release, please login to Rome, click on Help then select About.  If the version is not from January 2020, please call our tech support team to schedule an update for the most recent version of the product.

For further details, visit out Documentation page. 

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