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Experience the Power of a Rome 20 Group

What is a 20 Group?

The best description is a collaborative meeting of similar but non-competing body shop operators, where they exchange best practices, experiences, ideas, and strategies.  Because the meetings take place 3 – 4 times per year, you have the opportunity to compare seasonal and quarterly results.  

How will a 20 Group benefit Your Collision Center or Body Shop?

First, a 20 Group will help you discuss and identify proven methods that will maximize your success.

Second, you will receive customized financial composites and other analytical tools to compare other operations with group and manufacturer specific benchmarks. 

Last, analyzing your operation and identifying new ways to lower cycle time and increase profits is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

What makes these meetings so powerful?

When a small group of like-minded operators get together and close the door, that’s when the magic happens. Your 20 Group acts like a “Board of Directors” to exchange ideas, discover opportunities and face the challenges of owning and operating a collision center. 

The largest association in the automobile industry, NADA, hosts hundreds of 20 Groups each year. We prefer to keep our 20 Groups small and personal because it allows more discussion and chances for collaboration.

What are some topics discussed at Rome 20 Groups?

Principals and managers discuss their operations in minute detail. Here are a few of the topics that often come up. 

  • Shop Diagnosis
  • Paint Shop Analysis
  • Staffing Ratios
  • Correct Blueprinting
  • Reducing Cycle Time
  • Defining Processes
  • Best Practices for Writers, Parts, Bodymen, etc.
  • Actions Steps to improve operations

What are meeting attendees saying?

Watch the video below to hear what our customers are saying about us.

How to Get Started in One of Our 20 Groups

Complete our 20 Group inquiry and one of our team will reach out and get you involved in our 20 Group program

If you’re not sure if one of these collaborative meetings is right for you, contact James Rome for more information.

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