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 Rome 20 Groups are Back!

rome 20 groups

We are very excited to announce that we are resuming 20 Groups at Rome! 

As the country begins to recover from the pandemic and it feels safe for us to gather in small groups, Rome is planning for at least two 20 Groups in 2021 at our headquarters in Pasadena, Maryland.  

What is a 20 Group?

The best description is a collaborative meeting of similar but non-competing body shop operators, where you exchange best practices, experiences, ideas, and strategies.  In the past, the meetings have taken place 3 – 4 times per year, allowing you the opportunity to compare seasonal and quarterly results.  

In light of recent challenges, it is even more important to share common experiences, tactics, and action plans. 

How will a 20 Group benefit Your Collision Center or Body Shop?

  • You will discuss and identify proven methods that will maximize your success. 
  • You will receive customized financial composites and other analytical tools to compare other operations with group and manufacturer-specific benchmarks. 
  • You will analyze your operation, identify new ways to lower cycle time and increase profits.  

These are crucial steps to staying ahead of your competition and maximizing the continued success of your collision center. The collaboration and cooperation you will experience in your 20 Group will be both inspiring and informative. 

Our Past 20 Groups Have Been Very Successful! 

Some of the topics we discussed in past 20 Groups are: 

  • Shop Diagnosis 
  • Paint Shop Analysis 
  • Staffing Ratios 
  • Correct Blueprinting 
  • Reducing Cycle Time 
  • Defining Processes 
  • Best Practices for Writers, Parts, Bodymen, etc. 
  • Actions Steps to improve operations 

    Our 20 Groups are always full to capacity because our customers know how powerful a Rome 20 Group can be.  

    20 Group

    The Magic of a 20 Group

    The magic of a 20 Group happens because a small group of like-minded owners and operators come together for a few days, willing to share their best practices. Your 20 Group acts as your “Board of Directors”, exchanging ideas, discovering opportunities, and facing the challenges of owning and operating a collision center… together. 

    How to Get Started in Our 20 Group Program

    Complete the 20 Group Inquiry form below and one of our team members will reach out and get you involved in our 20 Group program 

    If you’re not sure if one of these collaborative meetings is right for you, contact James Rome at 800-373-ROME or by email for more information. 

    20 Group Inquiry

    Complete the form below and one of our team will reach out to you about our 20 Group program.

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