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New feature

New Feature Overview

Once again, Rome’s programming team has worked tirelessly to improve your user experience. In a surprise “Extra Feature” this month, we are happy to introduce you to Additional Column Size and Window Size features that allow users to save their column settings in a majority of the Rome Screens.


What is the Reason for the New Feature?

Innovation and drive to be competitive in the marketplace fuel our eagerness to continue improvements. Here are some of the comments provided by users that drove our changes to the product:
I would love to be able to sort a column, especially in the big board.” – Cherry Hill Motors Body Shop
I would like to be able to organize the parts by list price, cost price, description of part number so I can invoice parts quicker.” – Lundgren Collision Center
I need to be able to expand the Big Board to show on my entire screen. I use the big board on a mounted TV in my production area so my techs can see in real-time when they are behind on a task” – Anonymous.


Watch it in Action

View our Quick Guide video below on how the new enhancements work.


Interested in learning more about how Rome can improve your shop’s cycle time management?

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Rome is dedicated to meeting the needs of every collision center. Suggestions and requests from our customers play a significant role in how we update the ROME product. We value your opinion and will continue to implement customer recommendations to develop the program further, making it more robust than ever!

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