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NO CONTRACT with Rome’s Body Shop Management Solutions.

Top Body Shop Management Systems

When it comes to collision center and body shop management solutions, there are lots of choices available to auto body shops. Currently there are over 125 body shop management systems

The top 3 performing body shop management systems are:

  1. Rome Management Solutions
  2. CCC One Total Repair
  3. Mitchell 1

Why Rome Technologies doesn’t do “Contracts”

All body shop management systems require a contract with a commitment from 1 – 5 years. That’s right! You and your shop could be locked in for up to 5 years, with penalties if you break the contract. And the worst part is that you may not have bought what you needed or wanted in the end.

One of the things that sets Rome apart from our competitors is our commitment to “No Contracts”. The reason: We believe our products and services should be the strength of relationships – not a piece of paper!

What else sets Rome Technologies apart from our competition? 

  • We are 5 years ahead of our competition in technology, both in features and functionality. This is a crucial reason shops select our solution because it can handle the tough challenges they face in maintaining accurate and timely information without all the work-arounds required by less robust products.
  • We have more DMS integration partnerships than any other provider! This makes us the number one choice among Dealers for an integrated solution.
  • We are the oldest, largest privately held body shop management provider in the industry. This allows us to be nimble and respond quickly to the needs of our clients without all the “red tape”! 
  • We keep our clients getting the best out of their purchase by providing ongoing education, consulting, daily analysis reporting, monthly performance reviews, and an awesome 20 Group program so our users gain the full benefit of the relationship.

These are the reasons why we can offer our Body Shop Management Solutions with NO CONTRACT, because our clients are always the focus of our attention.

Character is Important to Us.

Since 1988, Rome Technologies has put character before profit, and as a result, we’ve had over 9,000 users of our Body Shop Management Solutions. We know you have lots of choices when it comes to operating your collision center, and we would appreciate an opportunity to show you what Rome Technologies can do for your shop. Contact James Rome today for more information.

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